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Westcountry Bakery

Solar PV installation

We were approached by Westcountry Bakery who occupy a large commercial property in Torpoint. They were looking to reduce their spiralling electricity costs due to their energy consumption.

We supplied, installed and certified a total of 58KW of PV panels which has led to a 50% saving on their electricity bill, but is also generating a return on the electricity they don't use as they are now able to sell it to their preferred energy company.

We are now in the process of supplying and installing 51KW of battery storage to further enhance their ability to store and reuse the electricity their panels are generating, which is fully tax deductible for qualifying business.

We are excited to announce that the 50KW storage system has just been installed and is storing energy for the clients use.

As a result of this new partnership, we are now supporting Westcountry Bakery with their ongoing internal electrical maintenance.

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